What parents say

We have found the whole experience great. Our child enjoys the choir and comes out of rehearsals singing away! We think it is well organised and has an official feel about it since it is held at the Abbey which is lovely to sing in, and hope the choir goes from strength to strength.”

My child absolutely loves being part of Melody Makers! She loves the variety of songs and performing in front of live audiences, whether it’s a solo or as part of the group. Her grandparents are equally thrilled and have timed their next visit so they can watch their grandchild singing in the Abbey.”


What Shean understands is that young children can be good musicians. He is inspirational…and manages to combine musical discipline with fun and the result is a choir full of kids that clearly love it, and who perform better every time.”

Being part of Melody Makers means my children are experiencing excellence – I couldn’t be more pleased. Keep it up!”

My daughter was a founder member of Melody Makers three years ago and it’s been a wonderful experience to watch her grow musically, as well as in self-confidence. Shean and his team do a wonderful job with the children and we are always so very, very impressed whenever we get to hear them perform.”


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