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Melody Makers Portraits 19 Aug 12 DJC 414As Melody Makers, the children are expected to attend regular rehearsals at Bath Abbey every Wednesday evening during term time from 5:00pm to 6.30pm. Here they rehearse pieces they already know and love, as well as being continually challenged to learn new songs. More often than not, there’s a performance on the horizon and the group regularly engage in the focus and camaraderie that go with preparing for a big event. The sessions are led by Shean Bowers who is ably assisted in looking after the children by our wonderful Melody Minders, all of whom are former Bath Abbey choristers themselves.




All children who wish to join Melody Makers will have an audition before being offered a place in the choir, but don’t worry; the ability to read music isn’t a requirement. The only thing we ask for is the desire to sing and a fine voice.

The audition is a very relaxed affair and the children will simply be asked to sing a song of their own choosing, accompanied by Shean on the piano. While some may find it a touch nerve-wracking, the audition is necessary because the Melody Makers are expected to learn some complex and challenging pieces. Plus, it can never be too early to begin building confidence, as singing to a thousand people in the Abbey will require a little of that too! The final part of the audition consists of some simple aural tests.


Membership fees are £40 per term (3 terms per year) and the children will need to purchase a Melody Makers T-shirt and fleece before their first concert.


Due to demand for places, there is currently a short waiting list to join the choir, but if you’re interested in your child becoming a Melody Maker, then please call Shean Bowers on 01225 303 326, or email

Please note: parents whose youngsters do join the choir should be prepared for a house perpetually full of singing. With the dynamic cycle of songs the children are expected to learn throughout the year, it is inevitable they will take their work home with them!



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