Christmas concert 2011 Abbey tall_DSC4883The Melody Makers were founded in January 2011 by Bath Abbey’s Assistant Director of Music, Shean Bowers. The group has grown consistently over the years and now has forty members from all over the city who regularly meet for music, song and friendship.

The choir sing a lively and varied repertoire which is accessible to all and always enjoyed by both the children singing it and those listening to it.

As well as one-off performances during the year, the youngsters also give a number of regular concerts, including a slot at the opening of Party in the City, they always turn out to give a warming rendition of carols at the Christmas market and never fail to delight at the Carols for Choir and Audience in the Abbey, where they get to sing alongside the Girls’ and Boys’ choirs too.

The group have travelled a fair amount in their short history, singing in places such as Salisbury and Gloucester Cathedrals and Stroud Town hall, as well as lending their voices to various performances, including Carmina Burana, Britten’s Friday Afternoons and even appearing BBC Radio 4.

Many of the children will go on to join the Bath Abbey Girls’ and Boys’ choirs when their time as a Melody Maker comes to an end, and it’s with great joy that we help them develop their singing to a point where this is achievable.

Bath Abbey’s Melody Makers have the staff, experience and facilities to offer young children a perfect introduction to choral singing and to develop that talent. If you live in or around Bath, and are looking for a fun yet educational after-school activity for your child, why not visit the joining page and see if they could become a Melody Maker?


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